Paint Restoration

Does your vehicle look dull and in need of some TLC?  Is the paintwork looking faded or have defects that you wish it never had to restore it back to its natural beauty? Here at DC Classics, our experts can work their magic to bring your car back to life with our paint restoration service.

What Is Paint Restoration?

Paint restoration is a term widely used that refers to the process that can remove unsightly defects from the paintwork of your vehicle. It is an advanced service unique to your vehicle that addresses the damage and sets it up for long-lasting protection.

When Do I Need Paint Restoration?

Paint restoration is commonly required for common damage such as paint haze, surface scratches, swirl marks, and water spots which require your vehicle to be cleaned, cut, and polished. At DC Customs we utilise a broad spectrum of paint restoration techniques which can include bare metal basing, media blasting, or acid dipping, depending on the situation.

Ceramic Pro

Ceramic Pro is one of our most advanced paint protection products in the world today and we are proud to offer it here at DC Classics as one of our paint restoration products. Ceramic Pro is a series of revolutionary protective coatings that simultaneously protect and enhances the appearance of your car's paint and interior surfaces with lasting effect. Your paint will reveal its true potential, darker colours appearing deeper and lighter colours giving a wet look.


Award Winning Paint Restoration

A lot of the cars we build and restore at DC Classics go on to be featured in magazines and win awards at classic car shows.  We take great pride in our paint restoration work to ensure we deliver the highest quality, uniqueness, and attention to detail to bring each individual car back to life. View our gallery here 

Benefits of Paint Restoration

Choosing to restore the paintwork of your car carries many benefits, these include:

  • Adds value to your car
  • Improves colour and appearance making it look like new again
  • Corrects scratches and swirls
  • Removes any oxidation of your paintwork and protects it from future damage
  • Enables you to customise your paintwork from the original manufactured colour and finish.
  • Easier to maintain the appearance of your car

For more information on paint restoration for your vehicle or to book in with us, contact us on 01384 636 459 or email